Holidays in UK - do we know about Holidays in UK? We present the key facts about time of Holidays and its beginnings.

Holidays in UK – beginnings

The beginnigs of Christmas stretch back thousands of years and they are related with old ceremonies round the midwinter solstice. A lots of elements of Holidays have pagan origins. Traditions of Holidays come to UK too, however the form of some custom was modified. The interesting fact is that traditions differ between areas of the UK.

Holidays in UK – when it is?

Christmas day in the UK is on December 25. However before that there is an Advent – from the first day of December to December 24th. It is period in which practice is using of calendar for Advent and candles for Advent. 24th day of December is called Christmas Eve. All families sit at the table on Christmas dinner. At 12 a.m. a lots of Britishers walk to church where take place religious service. December 25th, people begin from unpacking gifts. Majority go afternoon to church and then watch the Speech of Queen. That day is spend for rest.

Second day of Holidays in United Kingdom

Second day of Christmas is Boxing Day. It’s free day in United Kingdom but if it happens on a Saturday or Sunday, then free day is declared direct after weekend. Boxing Day is time to give presents to family, friends and other people. Beginning of second day of Christmas come from medieval times. In that time all of priests were supposed to empty ale alms box and give the gifs to the poor. Wealthy ones, after Christmas feasts packed up the remains in boxes and gave out to their servants. That custom didn’t remain to these days however the name of Boxing Day is constantly in using. Christmas decoratives in house should be hidden until January 6th (celebration Epiphany). In British’s beliefs, extension of that date may entrailed with tough luck.

Holidays is amazing time in UK and in the other areas of world. Try to live that time with our loved ones and be happy of birth of Jesus.